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Course of Study

Reporting Period:  1st nine weeks                                                 Date: August 8, 2019 – October 10, 2019

Teacher:  Mrs. Rash                                                                    Subject:  Career Pathway Experience

Behavioral objectives:

Develop and organize a personnel folder.  Compile a Career Pathway Experience Portfolio.  Collect and display various career opportunities in a career pathway.  Analyze educational requirements necessary for career success.  Investigate the job outlook for a career pathway.

Course of Study:

Fundamentals for Career Pathway Experience


Lecture, discussion, power-point presentation, demonstration; students will begin building their weekly production report, which will require them to work/intern at least 135 hours by the end of the nine weeks; journals pertaining to career experience will be completed; research paper with detailed information about the student’s career interest and begin compilation of Career Pathway Experience Portfolio.

Special Projects:

Fund raising project


Appropriate notebook for notes, tests, journals, projects.  Supplies from list are due by August 19th


  1. Class attitude (On task, prepared, attentive, participating in an orderly fashion, appropriate body language)
  2. Career Portfolio
  3. Journals
  4. Quizzes and test
  5. Weekly Production Report
  6. Training Plan/Progress Report
  7. Visits with employer/intern supervisor by teacher

School Supplies:

Copy Paper

Daily Planner