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Course Syllabus

Course Description

Career Pathway Experience is a one-year secondary training program designed for 11th and 12th grade students.  The program combines work-readiness preparation, related occupational classroom instruction, and worksite training.


From School to Work

Course Requirements

Attendance, journals, 15 hours of weekly on-site paid/non-paid Work-Based Learning (WBL), weekly production report, training plan progress report/internship evaluation turned in each 9 weeks, participation in DECA projects, and notes and/or assessments from class work.


Application and interview, teacher recommendation

Course Outline

Fundamentals for Career Pathway Experience

Workplace Security

Employment Trends

Professional Work Ethics

Workplace Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Personal Economic Foundations

Entrepreneurial Skills

Work-Based Learning (WBL) - 540 hours

Grading Policy/Scale

A         90-100

B          80-89

C         70-79

D         65-69

F          64 and below

Required Materials

One ream copy paper

Daily Planner