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Course Expectations

Course Description:

Law and Public Safety is a two year Career Technical Education course taught at Cleveland Career Development & Technology Center. This will be the idea course for any student who has an interest in the legal system, law enforcement, corrections, security, emergency medical services, fire services or the military. This course focus on the history of law legal system in the United States. Students will leave the class with a firm foundation of knowledge in these areas.

Students will learn the importance of personal health and safety in the work environment associated with law and public safety. Students will also be introduced to the emergency services found in local communities. Additionally, students will focus on corrections in the state of Mississippi, studying specifically how jails and prisons function. The goal of the course is to provide a foundation by introducing and exploring the different areas within public safety.

Student Requirement

All students are required to complete their own work which includes daily class assignments, competency evaluations with various skills/lab, research projects, quizzes, and test. Students will be given the opportunity to visit different sites within the law and public safety field. Students will be required to participate in physical fitness, physical fitness is a major component of the law and public safety career areas. 

Semester 1 Course Units

Unit 1: Program Orientation

Unit 2: Career Expectations

Unit 3: History of Criminal Law

Unit 5: United States Court Services

Semester 2 Course Units

Unit 4: Law Enforcement

Unit 6: Corrections

Unit 7: Specialized Services

Required Material

Activity fees- $20.00

  • Law and Public Safety T-shirt, required for field experience: $20.00 
  • Gray t-shirt and black comfortable shorts for physical training ( shorts must be knee length)

Required Material/Supplies

2 (3) prong pocket folders 

(1st block yellow and red only 1 of each color) (2nd block yellow and blue only 1 of each color) (3rd block yellow and green only 1 of each color)

Black or blue ink pens

# 2 Pencils

College ruled paper

Construction paper

Classroom Expectations:

  • Students are expected to be on time and to enter the classroom prepared daily.
  • Students are expected to respect your instructors, your peers, and the classroom environment.
  • Students are expected to work as team members.
  • Students are expected to value the opinion of others.
  • Students are expected to put forth their best effort, by taking part in the various activities.
  • Students will not be allowed to use cell phones.
  • No horse playing will be allowed in the classroom, nor during field experience.

 Student Responsibilities

Please refer to the student handbook regarding absences and the guidelines for completing missing assignments. Please see instructor upon your return to class to request any missing assignments. Unexcused absences on field experience days will be recorded as a 0 test grade.

Lab Skills/Portfolio/Physical Fitness/Essays/Projects/Field Experience Test       70%

Lab skills are used for students to learn and then demonstrate skills related to the Law & Public Safety professions. Physical fitness is a requirement of the program and students will be given a participation grade for participating in physical fitness activities.

Daily Grades/Homework/Notebook/Quizzes                                                          15%

Class assignments will be used to assess whether students have a clear understanding of the daily objective (s). Quizzes will be given on course content to assess students understanding of unit topics. Quizzes will be given 2 times per month.

Semester Exam                                                                                                          15%

Semester exams will be given at the end of each semester to assess students understanding of course material covered each semester.

Grading Scale










Below 65

 **Credit for the course will come from course work, field experience, and student’s binder**

 Please sign indicating you have read the course syllabus for Law and Public Safety I and agree to the terms outlined

Student Signature:                  _____________________________     Date: __________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:     _____________________________     Date: __________________

Instructor’s Initial:                  ______________________________   Received Date: __________

Physical Fitness Rubric

Student Name: ___________________________                Date: ______________

Proper clothing

50% of grade

Student was properly dressed to appropriate participate in activities.

Student was not properly dressed as outlined in course syllabus.



Superior            25 %

Good           15 %

Poor       5%

Unacceptable   0%



Student takes initiative, completes daily activity without having to be constantly reminded, encourages classmates, and shows leadership skills among peers.

Completes activities with some prompting, interacts with classmates. Gives feedback to classmates, encourages peers.

No initiative. Very little interaction with peers, or is disruptive to others. Not all activities are completed.

Does not participate in activities.

Performance/Time Management

Uses time wisely and effectively to complete task, positive attitude, sets the example. Self-motivated.

Needs minimal direction to stay on task, positive attitude. Good example to classmates. Motivated with some encouragement from others.

Needs constant supervision. Poor time management. No self-motivation, puts very little effort into completing activities.

Does not participate in activities.

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